[5 Ways] Kogan tv remote not working issue

TV has become an integral part of our entertainment experience. As the pandemic forced people to stay home, with no other option to entertain themselves, the interest in TV has increased again. Kogan TV is a popular and durable brand. It is known for its excellent color, resolution, and tonality as well. The Kogan TV comes with a remote control that helps users navigate through the various options and features on the TV.

The Kogan TV remote is a great device and is compact in size as well. However, many users have also been facing issues with the Kogan TV remote. This means that the users are not able to use their remote. They are unable to change the channels, increase and decrease the volume, and so on.

The Kogan TV remote is a common issue and many users face this problem. The issue does not just occur on the Kogan TV remote but can occur on any TV remote control. We understand that this can be bothersome as users find it very difficult to use the TV without the remote. Even performing basic tasks without the remote seems like a hefty task and therefore users feel compelled to look for fixes and workarounds to resolve the problem. If you too are facing this issue then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are about to discuss some simple workarounds that will help you fix the issue easily.


Why does the Kogan remote not working issue occurs

Whenever an issue occurs, be it big or small, and no matter what field it is related to, technology or life in general, there is mostly a reason behind it. Sometimes, there might even be more than one reason. But the positive thing about this fact is that all problems also have a solution. Similarly, this problem of yours has a solution too.

In most cases, the problem is pretty simple. If you are facing issues with the Kogan TV remote then there is a chance that there is an issue with the cells you are using in your Kogan TV remote. Apart from this, there may be other simple and silly reasons behind the Kogan TV remote not working issue too. Let us discuss the possibilities and their potential solutions briefly.

Ways to fix the Kogav TV remote not working issue


Method 1: Replug the batteries

Sometimes, the simplest solutions resolve the biggest issues we are facing. If you are unable to use the Kogan remote then take out the batteries from your remote and clean the batteries and the space with a clean dry cloth. Now replug the batteries in the remote and try using it again.

Method 2: Check your batteries

If you have been using the current batteries for too long then take the batteries out and plug them in another remote or some other toy or gadget that works on batteries. See if that other product works well. If the other product does not work either then it means that the batteries of your remote are dead. Plug in new cells(batteries) or the batteries from some other product that is working but is not in use currently.

Method 3: Remove obstacles from the way

If there are any objects in between your Kogan remote and the TV set then make sure to remove them. There should be nothing in the way when you aim the remote towards your TV.

Method 4: Maintain appropriate distance

If the distance between the TV and the Kogan TV remote is too much then there may be a problem. Make sure that you are not standing too far from the TV.

Method 5: Get a new Kogan TV remote

Every product has a limited life. If the remote is too old or if it is damaged physically then you have no option but to get a new remote for your TV.


It is undoubtedly very difficult to use a TV without a remote. This is the case with the Kogan TV remote as well. If the remote stops functioning, users are bound to get disturbed. The Kogan TV remote is just another gadget and problems with electronic gadgets are bound to happen anyway.

This is why in our article, we have discussed the most common problems that cause the Kogan remote not working issue. Try these and we are sure that you will be able to use it easily.