[5 Ways] FXNOW not working on Apple TV issue

Art lovers who enjoy television shows, movies, and dramas are hooked to FX Now. FX Now is one of the most popular platforms for watching amazing shows and movies. FX Now is available on major online platforms to provide ease to its viewers. Users can enjoy their favorite FX Now shows on Apple TV as well. Apple TV is Apple Inc.’s streaming service that is one of the most popular products among Apple users. Users enjoy impeccable service with the Apple TV and FX Now combo where they can catch up and binge-watch all the worthy content from the comfort of their homes.

However, many a time users also face difficulty in watching their favorite shows. Quite a lot of complaints have arisen lately that FX Now isn’t working properly on Apple TV. Users who do not like missing their favorite shows or movies are particularly annoyed by this. It is obvious given users expect hassle-free and top-class services if they’re investing their time and money in a product. This article is especially for users who have the same complaint, that is, FX Now isn’t working on their Apple TV. Here, we are going to talk about the various possible reasons why users may be experiencing these problems and their possible solutions as well.


Why isn’t FX Now working on my Apple TV?

There are several possible causes as to why FX Now might not work on your Apple TV. The issues with the FX Now working on your TV could be due to an app-related problem as well as a sign on something wrong with your TV. However, you need not worry as this does not necessarily mean that there is a grave issue with your TV.

Most times, these issues are just a result of cache issues, network or connectivity issues, and so on. Sometimes, users may also be unable to use the same due to server problems. If the servers are facing troubles, users are likely to face problems too. But the good thing is that users can try some fixes and workarounds that they can try to resolve the issues.


Ways to fix the FX Now not working on the Apple TV issue

Method 1: Check your internet connection and speed

If you are trying to stream videos online but are not able to do so then please check your internet connection. In order to watch FX Now shows online on your Apple TV, you need an internet connection. Moreover, you need a connection with good speed. So if your device has no internet connection, get one. If you have one but the speed is not good enough or if the network is unstable then switch to another network if possible.

Method 2: Restart the Application

If your internet speed is okay but you continue facing the same issue and FX Now does not work properly on your Apple TV then restart the FX now app.

Method 3: Check if the app servers are down

Many a time, users are unable to watch content because the app servers may be facing some issues. Check if FX Now is temporarily down or is experiencing server problems. If so is the case, then most users of a particular area or users of all areas will be facing the same problem. But the problem, in this case, is that users cannot do anything about it. Wait for some time and when the app developers resolve the issues, you will be able to watch content easily again.


Method 4: Recheck your FX Now subscription

If the internet speed is good and the servers are also fine and yet the problem persists then we recommend you check if your FX Now subscription is over.

Method 5: Reboot your Apple TV

Sometimes, the simplest tricks solve the most persistent issues. If you continue facing the same issue then reboot your streaming device and see if it works.


Technology has become such an integral part of our life that it is difficult to imagine life without it. These issues often frustrate us but the good thing is that you can easily resolve them.

Try our recommended steps and you should be able to enjoy your favorite FX Now shows on Apple TV like before.