[5 Ways] FX Now not working on Roku issue

FX Now is one of the leading platforms for users who love to watch films, shows, and dramas. Filled with highly-acclaimed content for viewers who love to binge-watch great shows, FX Now is a dream platform. Users can watch the most popular shows on Roku TV as well. This combination truly enhances the watching experience. Roku TV aims to enhance the streaming experience of entertainment to your TV by providing access to top-notch quality content. Roku remains among the top choices of streaming devices for viewers for its affordable price range and great quality.

However, like all technological products, some users face problems while streaming FX Now shows on their Roku TV as well. When some users experience a problem like this, they wonder what they should do. As these issues prohibit them from watching their favorite shows and films. This article is written exclusively to help those users who are experiencing trouble watching FX Now on their Roku TV.


Reasons behind FX Now not working on Roku TV

Many a time when users face the problem of FX Now not working on Roku TV they wonder what could have gone wrong. The truth is that there is no one-word answer to this question. Yes, you heard it right. There are various potential causes that can create problems like these.

Albeit, there are numerous possible reasons behind problems like these occurring, the good part is that there are numerous solutions too. Users who are clueless about ways of dealing with the FX Now not working on the Roku TV problem can try our suggested solutions.

Ways of fixing the FX Now working on Roku TV

Method 1: Does your device have an internet connection?

One of the primary causes behind issues faced while streaming FX Now shows online on Roku TV is poor internet speed. You need to have a connection with a good speed, If your device does not have a proper network or if the speed is slow then the chances of such problems are high. You may try switching to another network with a better speed.

Method 2: Are the app servers down is the app under maintenance

Sometimes, apps face server problems, and/or the app may even be temporarily under maintenance. During this time period, users won’t be able to use the app or have access to its services. In this case, the service is streaming content, so naturally, viewers won’t be able to watch content if FX Now is down. As far as resolving this issue goes, there isn’t much that viewers can do about it. Wait for some time and once the servers are fine again, you will be able to use the services as usual.

Method 3: Check your subscription

Users are recommended to check their subscription for FX Now. If your device needs a subscription to stream shows and films from FX Now on your Roku TV then it is recommended you check if it has exhausted. Recharge your plan and then stream the shows on your Roku TV again.


Method 4: Restart FX Now on your device

Close FX Now on your Roku TV and reopen it. See if it works. Sometimes, users face problems like these because of minor technical glitches. They occur when users open an app. Restarting the FX Now app on your device will fix this issue if this is the cause and you will be able to use FX Now on your Roku TV again.

Method 5: Reboot your streaming device, that is, Roku TV

Rebooting the device is known to resolve issues like this. If none of the above-mentioned problems are able to resolve the FX Now not working on Roku TV issue then your last resort is to reboot your device. Restart your Roku TV and see if it helps.


Problems are a part of life. No matter what we do, issues are bound to be there. Similarly, malfunctions and problems while using gadgets are also common.

In this article, we have provided solutions regarding the FX Now not working on Roku TV. We have tried to keep the methods as simple and easy as possible so all users can resolve the issues on their own without needing assistance from someone else.