[5 Ways] Fix TCL Roku TV not connecting to WiFi issue

Online streaming of shows and movies has become more popular than ever now. In today’s time, people barely watch regular TV. Smart TVs are the new norm and movie buffs and binge-watchers love streaming their favorite shows and movies from the comfort of their homes on their TV. TCL Roku TV is a smart TV that serves to all your current-day entertainment needs. Users can have the best entertainment experience of their life through its high-tech features that allows users access to several OTT platforms and over 5,00,000 movies and TV shows. For users to use the benefits of the streaming facilities of the device, the device needs an internet connection or Wi-Fi network connectivity. Connecting your TV to a Wi-Fi network will allow streaming whatever online shows or movies you please. As a result, you can binge-watch on your favorite series without having to step out of your home.

Albeit the TCL Roku TV is an exception device, some users are reportedly facing problems connecting their device to Wi-Fi. TCL ROku TV not connecting to Wi-Fi essentially means that the TV is unable to establish a secure connection with Wi-Fi. In some cases, the problem is slightly different. On one hand where some users are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi at all, some others report that the device keeps getting disconnected to the Wi-Fi.


Possible reasons behind the TCL Roku TV not connecting to Wi-Fi issue

Numerous reasons may be causing the above-mentioned problems. However, in most cases, the problem arises due to weak Wi-Fi strength or speed, connectivity issues, and so on. In some cases, there may also be a problem with the device. But no matter what the reason is, it is important to resolve this issue as soon as possible. This is so because connecting to Wi-Fi is important for exploring the TV’s streaming facilities as mentioned earlier.

In this article, we are about to share some simple tips and tricks to resolve the TCL Roku TV not connecting to Wi-Fi issue. These are pretty simple methods that all users can try without needing any expert technical assistance.


Ways to fix the TCL Roku TV not connecting to Wi-Fi

Method 1: Check your connection

Firstly, make sure that both, your router and the TV’s Wi-Fi settings are enabled. If not, do the needful and try connecting again. Sometimes, we make silly mistakes when we are in a hurry like forgetting to connect to the network.

Method 2: Check the signal strength

Please check if the Wi-Fi’s signal strength is decent or not. Sometimes when the Wi-Fi source and the device is too far from each other, the TCL Roku TV may find it difficult to connect to the device. The signal strength or Wi-Fi speed may also be poor because too many devices are connected to the same network. In this case, try disconnecting a few devices, pause any ongoing downloads and try reconnecting again.

Method 3: Recheck your subscription

Many a time, when our Wi-Fi subscription or plan is over, the Wi-Fi stops working. The router works as usual, shows an ON signal and therefore we don’t realize that our subscription is over. If this is also the case with you then recharge or repurchase your subscription again for the Wi-Fi to work.


Method 4: Restart your Wi-Fi

After you cross check all the above-mentioned factors, restart your Wi-Fi. Switch off your router and then switch it back on. This will help any minor glitch that might have occurred while switching on the Wi-FI previously or while working.

Method 5: Restart your TCL Roku TV

If the problem persists even after restarting your Wi-Fi and trying all the suggested workarounds then try this step. Power off your TCL Roku TV completely and restart it. Once done, try connecting to the Wi-Fi again. We are sure you’ll be able to connect your TCL Roku TV to the Wi-Fi easily.


Problems like these are pretty common with all gadgets. If you are experiencing the TCL ROku not connecting to Wi-Fi then we are sure trying our suggested methods will definitely help you.

The solutions mentioned in our article are pretty easy to follow so we are sure that all of our readers will be able to do them on their own without any difficulty.