[5 Ways] Fix TCL Roku TV Blue Screen issue

Imagine thinking of watching TV to do away with your Monday blues only to realize your TV screen turns blue every time you turn it on too. Yes, this is a common problem that several TV users experience at some point in time. TCL Roku TV users have been popular victims of this problem as well. According to several TCL Roku TV users, this issue has been bothering them very frequently. As per the complaints, when users start their TV, instead of seeing a display like before normally, users notice that the screen turns blue and stays like that. As a result, users are unable to select their desired entertainment program or stream movies or shows of their choice online as well.

TCL Roku TV is one of the most popular and successful TV choices in the market these days. The TV enhances the at-home entertainment experience for users by providing them exceptional quality videos, innumerable options, facilities to online stream the shows and films of their choice and so on. But since this blue screen problem is pretty common and also recurring, users are annoyed now and rightfully so. Therefore, in this article, we are about to share the most common reasons behind users facing this problem and there prominent solutions as well.

What happens when the TCL Roku TV screen turns blue and why does it happen?


This question is bothering a lot of people. Users who have been facing this issue are naturally annoyed. But other TCL Roku TV users who haven’t faced the issue yet but have heard famously of the issue are interested in learning about the same. This is in order to stay prepared for the issue lest it occurs some time.

The TCL Roku TV Blue Screen issue can actually be occuring due to several factors. Something as simple as a cable or wire issue may be responsible whereas it might also be a manufacturing defect. However, before jumping to conclusions, we should try the simple workarounds and then eventually move on to the big ones.

Ways to Fix TCL Roku TV Blue Screen issue


Method 1: Reboot your TV

If you have just started or switched on your TV and you see that the screen has turned blue, then reboot your TV. This is so because due to some technical issues, sometimes, the TV may not start properly. Rebooting your TV will help fix this problem if it is indeed nothing but a minor technical glitch.

Method 2: Check all wires and cables

Make sure that you have plugged in all the wires and cables. Missing out on plugging even a single important cable may cause the TCL Roku TV to not function properly and this issue might occur. SO check and if you have missed out using a wire, plug it in and restart your TV.

Method 3: Recheck cables and replug them

TV sets have several wires and cables. A normal user who isn’t a professional or a technician may get confused and incorrectly plug wires. This means, that a cable designated for one purpose or location maybe plugged into another column. Go through the user guide that comes with your TCL Roku TV and make sure that you have placed the cables in the right plug.

Method 4: Reset your TCL Roku TV

If none of the above mentioned cases apply to your TV set then try resetting your TV. Sometimes, while setting up your TV or operating it, users may change some settings which may cause problems if unresolved. Try resetting your TCL Roku TV to restore it to default factory settings and restart the device.

Method 5: Seek professional help

While all gadgets bother their users once in a while, it is not normal if the issues are recurring and persistent. If you have been facing the same issue for some time now and the issues persist or come back again or if the blue screen issue happens right after you purchased your TV, it may indicate a manufacturing defect as well. In this case, seek professional help. Call a technician or contact the TCL support and they will assist you further.


We surely understand how frustrating it can be to experience the TCL Roku TV Blue Screen issue. It can be even more annoying when no matter how hard you try, the issue just persists.

However, we are sure that upon trying our suggested workarounds, you’ll easily resolve the¬†Blue Screen issue.