[5 Ways] Fix Messenger Kids Video not working issue

Technology plays a vital role in making our lives easier. The Messenger Kids app is one such app. The greatest thing about Messenger Kids is that albeit it is made for children, largely parents control it. The application is among the top favorite application amongst children. There are several exciting features like kid-friendly filters, reactions, and even sound effects. These features make Messenger Kids interesting and fun for children.

While children continue to get more involved and interested in technology and technological products, their parents remain worried about the same. The internet is certainly a fun place but it also involves a lot of risk. Children are vulnerable and the internet exposes them to all types of products and content. They may also engage in conversations with strangers who may not be a good influence. The Messenger Kids app provides children a fun platform but at the same time it is a safe place as well. This is mainly so because parents can always keep an eye and stay updated about what their kids are up to.

The Messenger Kids app ensures children’s safety and security through various features it has. These include the option for parents to set usage limits for their children when it is bedtime. There are also no in-app purchases or apps that parents have to worry about. Apart from these, parents can also monitor their kid’s contact lists and messages. This ensures that their children do not engage in conversations which may pose risk. It also notifies the parents when the kids block a contact.


Here are some possible causes behind why the Messenger Kids Video may not be working

Messenger Kids Video may not be working due to a single reason or multiple reasons. Technological devices face malfunctions or glitches every now and then. This problem that you are facing may be because of your device’s network coverage or poor internet connection. There is a chance that there might be a technical glitch as well. Not only these, there can be other reasons as well. For example, there is a possibility of server-related problems and even device-related issues. However, the good thing about technological issues is that you can mostly fix them just easily.

In this article, we are about to learn some methods to resolve the problem related to Messenger Kids video. This problem can easily be fixed in most cases so let us learn some workarounds for the same.

Ways to fix the Messenger Kids not working issue


Method 1: Make sure that your internet/Wi-Fi is working

If your device’s internet connection is OFF and you are not connected to Wi-Fi either then the Messenger Kids video won’t work. If the internet or Wi-Fi is slow, the same problem may arise. So we suggest that you either reconnect your internet or Wi-Fi or switch to a better and more stable network. You should try moving to another location where the network coverage is better as well. This is because features like Messenger Kids video require a strong internet connection and stable network unlike basic features that usually make do with just decent speed as well.

Method 2: Restart the application

Sometimes, we are unable to use a certain feature not due to some underlying problem or cause but simply because of a minor technical glitch. These are pretty common as sometimes, apps may not start properly. As a result, they’re unable to function efficiently as well. In this case, closing the app and restarting the application may help.

Method 3: Clear the app cache and user data

All apps keep collecting data as they work. This data helps apps function better. However, when too much data gets collected, apps start to lag and cause other problems like these. Clear the app cache and the user data on your device and see if the app is working properly.


Method 4: Update the app

Many a time, some app features do not function properly because people keep using an older version of the app. Update the app and see if Messenger Kids video works.

Method 5: Reinstall the application

When all else fails, try reinstalling the application on your device.


Messenger Kids video should start working properly once you try these workarounds. If the problem persists, you should check if the app is down. If yes, wait for some time and try again later.

These problems are pretty common and do not indicate that the app is unreliable. Almost all apps face these issues at some point.