[5 Ways] Fix Libby notifications not working issue?

Are you a voracious reader who loves reading but can hardly read? Like everything else, technology has a solution for this as well. Now you no longer have to visit your local libraries in order to read your favorite books. The Libby app is a free online app that users can read their favorite books on. The best thing about the app is that it is completely free. There are no subscription costs or in app purchases either. With the Libby app, users get access to a number of ebooks, audiobooks, and even magazines from your local libraries. All you need is a valid library card. The app is indeed a gift for all users who love to read but are unable to visit libraries due to time constraints. While the app is undoubtedly amazing, users are bothered a little by the Libby notifications issue.

According to a lot of users, they’re unable to receive notifications from the Libby app. This is bothersome because notifications are really helpful in keeping you updated with the activities and important information related to the app. The Libby notifications issue has been bothering a lot of users lately. Before we proceed to discuss more on this issue, it is important to discuss why Libby notifications are important. The notifications bring you small but significant updates about the app and your activities without you having to open and check them on your own.


Why does the Libby notification problem occur?

When we use gadgets and other technological creations such as apps, software, etc., we face problems every now and then. It is a simple disadvantage or demerit of using technology. But it’s okay because we’re all allowed breakdowns, right?

There may be a couple of reasons why the Libby notifications issue might be happening on your device. This may have to do with connectivity issues or even device settings. Let us discuss the various possible reasons behind this problem that you’re facing and also their solutions.

Ways to fix the Libby notifications not working issue


Method 1: Set up the notifications

In case you are unaware, you must know that the Libby app does not send notifications to its users by default. This means that the users who want to receive the Libby notifications must personally set up the push notifications on their devices. You will see three bars on the app, select them. Now go to Settings>Manage Notifications. If you are prompted then confirm to receive push notifications.

Method 2: Choose individual settings

A lot of users complain that they’re receiving certain notifications but aren’t receiving the others. In this case, make sure that you have chosen all the events that you want to be notified of. If you choose only a few particular notifications then the app will only notify you regarding those.

Method 3: Opt for email notifications

If you’re using Libby through your web browser and are facing Libby notifications issues then you won’t get push notifications. You can opt for in-app Or e-mail notifications. To fix e-mail notifications, do this- You’ll see three bars, select those and then choose Settings>Manage Notifications. Now select E-mail for all the events you’d like to be notified about. Now select “Fix this?” And then enter your email. Now choose “Next” And follow the steps mentioned.

Method 4: Remove restrictions

Check your device’s settings and if there are any sort of notification restrictions set, remove them. Make sure that you have allowed the Libby app to send you notifications in the “Notifications” Section of your device’s Settings. Also, make sure that your device isn’t on Do Not Disturb mode. This may cause Libby notification issues on some devices.

Method 5: App servers

If you have cross-checked all the above steps and continue to face the Libby notifications issue then check if the Libby servers are down. If yes, then problems like these are common. Wait for a while and try again later.


Almost all apps that we use have the notifications feature. This itself shows what important role notifications play while using an app. Similarly, the Libby notifications issue is bound to bother the people facing the problem.

But all problems have a solution and so has this. Try our suggested ways and resolve your notifications not working issue easily.