[ 5 Ways] Fix Hoopla Password Reset not working issue

There was a time people could remember all important days, dates, and other information like passwords and PINs. However, with the onset of technology, as more helpful features advanced, people even forget their birthdays and anniversaries. In this day and age, technology is a crucial part of almost all things that we do. We have multiple accounts on numerous platforms like Gmail, and shopping websites like Nike and Asos. On shopping websites as well, users need to create an account and set a password. Not only this, users also have accounts on several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is impossible to remember the passwords of each account and it is not recommended to set the same password for all accounts. If one account gets hacked, all others stand at risk too. Hoopla is another popular platform where users set a password and sometimes forget it later on. In this case, they try the Hoopla password reset option to set a new one.

People reset their passwords for several reasons. Sometimes, users may not remember the password they had set. In other cases, one may want to reset the password because the current one has been in use for too long. People also want to change their passwords sometimes when they doubt that someone else knows their password too. Hoopla users have been complaining about the Hoopla password reset issue for quite some time now. Users report that they are unable to reset their Hoopla account’s password. This is bothersome because the Hoopla password reset issue may pose a potential threat to your account.


Reasons behind the Hoopla password issue

Forgetting your password and then not being able to reset it can make users panic. It is understandable given how one worries that may lose access to their account and its contents. The situation is normally even worse for users who feel that someone else also has access to their account and may change the password and other information before the original owner.

This is why it is important to resolve the issue. The Hoopla password reset problem may be a result of connection problems or server issues as well. It can also be just a cache issue. However, no matter what the reason is, it’s important to resolve it. Here in our article, we’ll help you learn how to deal with this issue.

Ways to fix the Hoopla Password Reset issue

Method 1: Do you have internet/Wi-Fi?

Features like Hoopla password reset require the device to have an internet connection or Wi-Fi network. If you’re unable to reset your Hoopla password then make sure that you’re not offline. Switch on your data connection or connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. If you already have internet or are connected to Wi-Fi then make sure the network coverage is decent and also that the speed is good.

Method 2: Restart the application

Most times, you can fix these small issues by simply restarting the application. If you’re facing the Hoopla password reset issue then close the Hoopla app on your device and then reopen it.


Method 3: Check the e-mail address you’re providing for the Hoopla password reset

Users need to provide their e-mail Id for receiving the new password. If you’re facing the Hoopla password reset issue then make sure that you’re providing the correct e-mail id to receive the new password. Providing an incorrect e-mail address won’t help.

Method 4: Check different folders on your e-mail address

Sometimes, the website or the application in question sends us an email with the new password or the link to reset the password but it may end up in the Spam folder. Check all folders on your email address and see if you have received an email from Hoopla.

Method 5: Check app servers

If the problem still persists then the app servers may be down. When this happens, users are unable to perform basic app functions and are unable to use the app as well. Wait for some time and try again later.


We understand that the Hoopla password reset can be unsettling and disturbing but issues like these are parts and parcels of using apps.

Use our suggested ways and we are sure you’ll find them helpful in resolving the Hoopla password reset issue.