[5 Ways] Fix Doordash not letting me sign in

DoorDash is one of the most popular and widely used platforms in the United States. For people who don’t want to cook a particular night or for those who are craving something from their favorite restaurant, this platform is a blessing. DoorDash is a food delivery service that people use to get their food and drinks delivered. The app is available for both Android and Apple users. There are several reasons why people love DoorDash. It is very easy to use, is available for most devices, and most importantly, brings food closer to people.

DoorDash has exciting offers for its existing users and lucrative offers to attract new users as well. The first-timers get 25 percent off on their orders and are not required to pay the delivery charge. Apart from this, they also have to pay a delivery charge of just $1 for the first month. Isn’t that tempting? Of course, it is. There are several other benefits of using DoorDash. Users who often use their services can also purchase a subscription. The subscription is known as DashPass. This gives them freedom from delivery charges subscribed users need to pay $0 dollars as a delivery charge at DashPass merchants.

There are several other benefits of using DoorDash. The platform follows zero contact delivery and maintains high hygiene and quality standards. This ensures that the meals you get are safe and hygienic to consume. Users have a wide range of restaurants to choose from. Be it your favorite local restaurant or multinational food chain, at DoorDash, you have it all.


Why is DoorDash not letting me sign in?

Sometimes, users report that they’re unable to sign into DoorDash. This is bothersome because users need to sign in to place their orders. Once they sign in, they can find all of their account-related information in one place. Users can save their payment methods such as card details as well. Apart from these, users also have their previous orders listed there.

If you’re unable to sign into your DoorDash, one of these could be the possible reasons behind this. It may be a sign of unstable or poor internet speed, it may indicate some issue with the device you’re using. Last but not least, there may even be a server problem.

Ways to fix the DoorDash not letting me sign in issue

Source: DoorDash Twitter Handle

Method 1: Check your internet connection/Wi-Fi

The first thing to check is your internet or Wi-Fi connection. Since DoorDash needs an active internet/Wi-Fi connection to perform several functions, please make sure that you have an internet connection or that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. If yes, then make sure that the speed is good as well because poor internet speed is amongst the topmost reasons why problems like these happen.

Method 2: Check your credentials

Please make sure that you’re putting in the correct information. Incorrect information like an incorrect email address or password combo will prevent you from signing in. Some users may also be unable to sign in if they fail the two-factor authentication process. So please make sure that you’re putting in the correct information.

Method 3: Restart the application

Close the DoorDash app and restart it. Remove the app from your recently used apps once you’ve closed the app. Then reopen it by simply touching the app icon from the app menu. See if it works now.


Method 4: Check for app updates

Go to the App Store Or the Play Store depending upon your device. Search for DoorDash and tap on the “Update” Option if available. If you don’t see the “Update” Option, then it means that you’re using the latest version of the app.

Method 5: Check whether the app is down

Sometimes, users may be unable to sign in not because of a problem on their part but due to a problem on the app’s part. If the problem persists even after trying the suggested methods then there’s a good chance that the app is either temporarily down or under maintenance. It could be facing a server problem due to which the app may not be functioning properly. If this is the reason, then wait for some time and try again later.


DoorDash, like any other app or technological product may also face problems sometimes. It doesn’t mean that it’s not a good app. Most times, issues are easily resolvable. These are the most common methods of fixing the DoorDash not letting me sign in issue.

We are sure that you’ll be able to sign in easily after you give these a try.