[4 Ways] Fix YouTube TV error licensing video on Fire TV

We all use Amazon’s services in some way or the other. While some people use Astmazon only to fulfill their shopping needs, others also use its services for their entertainment needs. Fire TV is a line of digital media players and micro consoles that Amazon has developed. The Fire TV helps users stream their favorite TV shows and movies anytime they want.

We all use YouTube for various purposes. Sometimes, for educational purposes when we watch videos related to the subject we are studying and some other times when for entertainment when we watch music videos of our favorite stars. We also watch it to stream movie trailers and even informative videos on different products such as cars, mobile phones etc. However, these days, a lot of users are complaining that they are facing the YouTube TV error licensing video on their Fire TVs.

Due to this, users are unable to watch the content of their choice on YouTube TV on their Fire TV. It is important to resolve this issue because users are looking desperately for fixes and workarounds. They are obviously frustrated because imagine investing in a product and not being able to use it. It is not only a waste of money but also of time and the product if we aren’t able to use it to it’s full capacity.


Why does the Fix YouTube TV error licensing video on Fire TV

Behind every problem we face, there is a reason. The reason may be big or small, simple or complex, but there is always one. It is important to resolve these issues as soon as possible. In case of the YouTube TV error licensing video as well, there is a reason. USers must know the reason behind the issue and only then can they solve it.

If you too are facing this problem then you have come to the right place. In this article we are about to discuss some simple ways of fixing the YouTube TV error licensing video. There are several reasons why this problem may occur on your device. It can simply be a cache issue or it may be a software update problem. But the good thing is that we can easily resolve these problem.

Ways to fix the YouTube TV error licensing video on Fire TV


Method 1: Relog into the app

If you are facing the YouTube TV error licensing video error then log out of the YouTube app on your device, in this case the Fire TV. Once you log out of the app, sign into your YouTube account again using your credentials. This should resolve the issue, if it doesn’t then try the next step.

Method 2: Restart the YouTube app

If you are unable to access the content of your choice and are facing the licensing issue then try restarting the app. Close the app on your Fire TV and then reopen it. Restarting the app normally helps resolve problems like these so restart the app and see if the issue is resolved. In case the issue persists, then move on to the next step.

Method 3: Clear the app cache if the YouTube TV error licensing video persists

The issue that you are facing right now may be the result of cache issues as well. Clear the app cache and data on your Fire TV and reopen YouTube. Go to “Settings” on your Fire TV and then select “Applications”. Now select “Manage Installed Applications” and select the app. Now tap “Clear cache” and “Clear data” and tap to confirm if prompted. Once done, the issue should be resolved.

Method 4: Is your device up to date?

Open “Settings” on your Fire TV and then select “My Fire TV”. After that, select “About” and then select “Check for System Update”. If the updates are available then update your device and restart the app.


Amazon is known for its great products and commendable services. The Fire TV is one of the most popular products introduced by Amazon. Most times, the product works amazingly well, without troubling its users at all. However, sometimes, users face little issues like this one. It is completely normal and pretty common to happen with electronic products.

In this article, we have suggested some simple fixes and workarounds that should help you resolve the YouTube TV error licensing video problem easily. Try them and watch your favorite videos easily.