[4 Ways] Fix TCL Roku TV not turning on issue

There was a time when people had to visit theatres to watch their favorite films. But these days, TV Shows, both old and new are available online and so are movies. Most movies are available on different OTT platforms a few months after their theatrical release. Some of them are in fact released on OTT platforms straight away. This trend has truly changed the way entertainment works. Nowadays, people prefer all things smart. Be it phones or TVs, it got to perform all major tasks. TCL Roku TV is the brainchild of this factor. TCL TV Roku is your one-stop need for all your entertainment needs. With thousands of streaming channels and over 5 lac TV Shows and movies, and new releases coming up one after the other, you will never fall short of content to watch.

However, no matter how good a certain product is, all technological products trouble their owners at some point. Many users have faced the same and some continue to do so even now with the TCL Roku TV. According to the user complaints, one of the primary issues that users face is that their TCL Roku TV doesn’t turn on. Now, this is obviously problematic because without turning on your TV, you cannot watch the content you want to.


Why isn’t your TCL Roku TV turning on?

Before we find solutions to any problem, it is important to find out the possible causes behind a problem. Unless we do so, we will not be able to come up with a solution. So for users who are facing trouble turning on their TVs, we will tell you what are the possible causes behind the issue you are facing.

There are several reasons why you may be facing this problem. The problem could be something very small and silly such as you forgetting to switch on the power cable, something wrong with the TV, and so on. But the good thing is that like all problems, this one also has solutions.


Ways of fixing the TCL Roku TV not turning on problem

Method 1: Check your remote’s batteries

Sometimes, the simplest reasons cause such problems and we fail to even notice them. Before moving on to bigger causes and their solutions, first check if your TV remote has batteries and if yes, whether the batteries are dead or working. If your remote has batteries but you are not sure whether they’re dead, try placing the cells in another remote or toy and see if it works. Try using different batteries and see if it works.

Method 2: Does the device has power?

One of the primary reasons behind working problems in the case of most devices is the power supply. Your TCL Roku TV also needs a power supply to run. So make sure that your device has a power supply. Make sure that the switches are turned on and that the wires are plugged in. If not, then do the needful and then turn on your TV.


Method 3: Check your cable wires

If you have tried method 2 and ensured that the wires are plugged in and the switches are on and yet the problem persists then check the cable wires. If you have been using the product for a while or even if it is new, sometimes, the problem may be with the cable wires. If the first two methods don’t work, we advise you to check the cable wires. Using faulty cable wires may be preventing your TV from turning on.

Method 4: Check for defective or faulty hardware on your TCL Roku TV

Please make sure that your TV’s hardware is in good condition. If any part of the hardware is defective or has problems, then this may be causing the issues too. Contact the customer support executive in this case and explain your situation to them. They will guide you through the solution.


The advantages of technological products and gadgets are numerous but like everything else in life, these come with certain drawbacks too. Issues like TCL Roku TV not turning on are an example of this. But this doesn’t mean that it is a bad product.

In the article, we have suggested to you the simplest and the most common fixes and workarounds depending upon the most common reasons why users face such problems. Try them and stream your favorite shows and movies easily whenever you want.