[4 Ways] Fix TCL Roku TV not responding to remote issue

TCL Roku TV is one of the most popular TV sets present today. The TV is one of the most preferred products in the market because it caters to all the needs of one’s entertainment. Providing a seamless and hassle-free entertainment experience where users can binge-watch all their favorite shows and movies, it remains one of the topmost choices. The TV comes with remote control. A remote is a small and compact device that helps users navigate through the different options on the TV easily. Using the TCL Roku remote, users can easily switch between channels, skip or choose a show, select or deselect an option, and do much more. The remote also helps users increase and decrease the TV volume and therefore makes using the TV extremely easy.

However, users sometimes complain about the TCL Roku TV not responding to remote issues. Let us first briefly discuss what this means. This will allow you as readers to know whether this is the problem you are looking for a solution for. When we say that the TCL Roku TV is not responding to the remote, we essentially mean that the users are unable to use the remote as before. Let us say that you try changing the channel or adjusting the volume on your TV using the remote but it doesn’t work and you are not able to do so.


Possible reasons behind the TCL Roku TV not responding to remote issue

There are several reasons why users may be facing this issue. The remote and the TCL Roku TV are two different devices. if the TV is not responding to the remote then this could be a sign of an issue with either or both the products. The issue with either or both the products may be big or small as well.

This issue could be a result of something as simple as batteries not working to the remote being dead completely. We are going to deal with the various possible reasons and their potential solutions below.

Ways to fix the TCL Roku TV not responding to remote issue


Method 1: Make sure that you’re not standing too far from the TV

The remote is designed to work from a distance but users need to ensure that they do not stand too far off from the TV. If you do so, the remote finds it difficult to establish a connection with the TV and the TV will not be able to respond to the remote. This is why you may be unable to use the remote for the TV.

Method 2: Point directly at the TV

If you are not standing too close to the TV but there are objects in between the way of your TV and the remote then make sure to remove them. This is important because if there is some object right in front of your TV that blocks the contact between the remote and the television then even if you are not too far then the TV won’t respond to the remote.

Method 3: Clean and replug the batteries

Sometimes dust and/or carbon get accumulated on the batteries and they make it difficult for the batteries to work. Reinstall the batteries on your remote and try again. Take the batteries out from the remote, clean it completely with a dry and clean cloth, and replug the batteries in the remote.

Method 4: Try plugging in new batteries

If cleaning the batteries doesn’t help then try using brand new batteries or batteries from some other battery-run product that is working. When batteries have been in use for too long, after a while they stop working. It may be time for you to get new batteries for your remote as well. Plug in new batteries and restart your television and see if the TCL Roku TV responds to the remote now.


Small issues like this are a part and parcel of the technological world. These issues however small could be pretty annoying and problematic though. For example, we are so used to navigating using the remote that it might become nearly impossible for us to use the TV without it.

We have suggested some simple steps that you should keep in mind when facing this issue. Try these and enjoy watching the shows and movies you want.