[4 Ways] Fix TCL Roku TV not finding cable channels

TCL Roku TV is known to enhance your entertainment experience. The TV is all that one needs for binge-watching the most amazing, popular, critically acclaimed, and entertaining shows and films. The TV provides several cable channels as options to its users. Some of the most popular cable channels you get while using the TCL Roku TV include Spectrum TV, Xfinity Stream, ESPN, TLC Go, DisneyNOW, FOX NOW, CNN, Lifetime, Discovery GO, Nick Jr., and the list just goes on. There are numerous other cable channels that we haven’t even mentioned. You can now imagine what great variety users get for their TV. The availability of these many channels enables the users to watch whatever they want to. Picking the channels of your choice also makes the place stay decluttered and organized and easier to filter what you want to watch.

While there are numerous cable channels available on the TCL Roku TV, users sometimes complain that their TCL Roku TV is unable to find cable channels. This means that users when looking for a particular cable channel or channels are unable to look for it. This is annoying for some users as issues like these can be repetitive and annoying.


Why is the TCL Roku TV unable to find channels?

There could be various potential reasons behind this issue. In most cases, you can easily resolve them using simple fixes and workarounds. Problems like these mostly do not indicate a faulty hardware problem that can be considered huge. Even though the reasons are mostly small, let us consider all the possibilities and discuss their solutions so you can resolve these issues.

Users who are facing the TCL Roku TV unable to find channels will find this article informative and helpful. We are going to discuss the easiest and most doable solutions for the issue in question. Read on to learn more and watch your favorite shows again.

Ways to fix the TCL Roku TV unable to find channels issue


Method 1: Restart your TCL Roku TV

The first natural fix that comes to our mind when we face any issues related to electronic products is restarting them. And it is a good one because in most cases, it helps. If your TCL Roku TV is unable to find channels then we would suggest rebooting your TCL Roku TV. Sometimes when we start or switch on an electronic product, some minor technical glitches may occur. Due to this, the product may either not start properly or it may not work properly. Reboot your TCL Roku TV and see if it helps.

Method 2: Check your remote

Sometimes, the issue may not lie with the TV but with the remote. When the remote isn’t working at all, we notice it immediately. But sometimes the remote may have problems in a way that it only functions partly. This causes people to believe that the issue lies with the TV even though it doesn’t. Make sure that your remote is working fine and see if the TV can find cable channels.

Method 3: Update your Roku TV

Many a time, users may not be able to find or watch certain channels or face problems with other features of the TV as well. Check for updates and if possible, update your TCL Roku TV. Using an outdated version is known to cause problems with the product while working.

Method 4: Rescan or retry finding channels

Once you have tried the above-mentioned fixes and workarounds, try to find the channels again. Rescanning to find the channels should help you find the channel after updating and rebooting your TV.


We are so used to technology and technological products making our lives easier that we get annoyed when they start bothering us. However, it is understandable. Given users pay for most technological products they use. Sometimes, users even need to keep paying for continuously using these products. For example, we purchase a TV once but we have to keep paying for the subscription.

This is why we only want to purchase the best products possible for ourselves and when problems like these occur, we start questioning our decision. However, you don’t need to do so because TCL Roku TV is a great product. Issues like the TV being unable to find cable chances are small problems and you can easily resolve them.