[4 Ways] Fix Grubhub not accepting debit card

Nobody has time to cook three meals every day. After a tiring day at work, when you feel worn out, the Grubhub app helps you spare the effort of cooking a meal in the kitchen from scratch. Not only does the app bring you your favorite food from the restaurant or place of your choice but it also offers a guarantee of handling your food properly. Users get their food right on time. Grubhub also ensures that the meal is properly packed and efficiently delivered. Apart from these reasons, there are several other reasons to choose Grubhub for food delivery. Users get exciting rewards and deals for using the food delivery chain. As a result, not only do they get yummy food without having to cook every day, but they also save money.

Grubhub indeed ensures that the users get the most hassle-free experience. You can place an order for the food your like and then pay in advance to avoid paying cash. Grubhub has several modes of payment available. Debit cards are one of the most used means of payment used by users. Using a debit card, the user can place the order and pay before the food is even delivered. This way, they can even have someone else pick up their order on their behalf.


Why isn’t Grubhub accepting a debit card?

Some users however have been complaining that they have been experiencing trouble using their debit cards. This should not happen as Grubhub accepts debit cards as a payment method. Since it is a popular accepted mode of payment, users should not face any issues with the same. But since these complaints are doing the rounds, let us discuss the same.

There are many possible reasons why you may be experiencing this issue. The problem can be a result of several factors. These could be at the server end or at the device end. This might even happen due to an issue with your card. On a larger scale, the problem may occur due to bank-related reasons. In any case, no matter what the reason behind the problems may be, it is important to solve them. Here in this article, we are about to learn how to deal with these issues.


Ways to fix the Grubhub not accepting debit card issue

Method 1: Check your internet connection/Wi-Fi network

One of the first and the simplest methods to resolve this problem is to ensure that your device has an active data connection or Wi-Fi network. If not, make sure to connect to one. Grubhub is an online platform and therefore needs internet/Wi-Fi to perform basic functions as well. In the case of processing online payments, it needs a strong and stable connection. If the network coverage on your device is poor or if your internet is slow then relocate to someplace with better coverage and/or switch to another network that has a strong speed.

Method 2: Check your card details

Users need to ensure that the card details they are providing are correct. Providing incorrect card information will not allow you to make payments using your debit card on Grubhub. Make sure that you are providing the details exactly the way it is mentioned on the card. The card number, password, and every other detail that you put in should be accurate. Even if a single digit is incorrect, then Grubhub will not accept your card.


Method 3: Make sure that your card hasn’t expired and is still active

Users need to make sure that the debit card they are using hasn’t expired. Using an expired debit card won’t process payments at any platform let alone Grubhub. If your card is expired then apply for a new one. In some cases, the card may not have expired but may not be active due to other reasons. These include if the card is damaged or is blocked by the bank due to some reason. In this case, as well, you will need to apply for a new card as the present one won’t work now.

Method 4: Check the Bank Servers and the Grubhub servers as well

Sometimes, the issue may not be with your card or your device but with the servers. This includes both, the bank servers as well as the app servers. Check if either of the two is down and if yes, wait for some time and try later.


These are the most common reasons why users face Grubhub not accepting debit card issues. Try these and then restart your device and use Grubhub as usual. These issues are quite common and all users face these at some point so there is nothing to worry about.

Once you try our recommended methods, you will easily be able to use your debit cards to make payments on Grubhub.