Top 10 Best Android Emulators for PC 2018

Top 10 Best Android Emulators for PC 2018
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Top 10 Best Android Emulators for PC 2018 – Welcome to AndroidGyaan Website. This is Our first Android Tutorial On our new Android Gyaan site. Here Daily We will Publish Best Android Stuff like Android News, App, Tips Tricks, Games & Other Our Special AG Stuff. Daily You will get best Android App & Games Knowledge from our site.

Here We share Best Android Emulators for PC 2018. Using Android Emulators, You can Install & Play Game On Your Desktop PC. There are so many Android Emulators For PC to Run & Install Android Application. You can easily Install Android App On your Personal Computer (PC). If You are game lover then You can play Android Game On your PC using this Best Android emulator. Also, You can Play Android Game using Keyboard & Mouse. So It’s Interesting thing. So Let’s Talk About 10 Best Android Emulators for PC 2018.

I personally Use This Android Emulators For Install Android App On my PC. So This One is the best Tutorial For Android & Game Lovers. You can play Android Game on your computer using your Keyboard & Mouse. Yes, i know You surprise after listening to this, But Most of the people know about this emulators. So directly we talk about Best Android Emulators for PC.

All These Android Emulators Comes with Pro. & Cons. no One can come with perfect. So We recommend first 3 AMIDuOS, Andy, or Bluestacks 3. Those who are gaming lover then we recommend Download Nox. So check out below list of Best Android Emulators.

10 Best Android Emulators for PC 2018

  • Andy
  • Bluestacks 3
  • Android Studio Emulator
  • KoPlayer
  • MeMu
  • DROID4x
  • GenyMotion
  • Nox
  • YouWave

1 Andy

In This List, Andy Is in First Position. Andy is coming with free & It gives virtually the entire Android experience on your PC. You can install & run apps, games, productivity apps, home screen launchers and more. If you need root access to This emulators then There is the option for root. I Think This is the best option for those who love to use Root Apps. Andy is working on both Windows & Mac.

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2 Bluestacks 3

Personally, I use this emulator on My PC for install Android Apps & Games. Everyone knows about Bluestacks because Bluestacks is the most popular and well-known emulator on the market. Bluestacks also working On Windows & Mac. Recently Bluestacks launched its latest Version Bluestacks 3 On the market. Bluestacks 3 comes with lots of bug fixes & now it’s run with virtually the entire Android experience on your PC. If you love to play Android game, So now you can control your game motion with keyboard & Mouse. Now You can play Android Game on your PC using Bluestacks 3.

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3 Android Studio Emulator

Do You know About Android Studio Emulator? Google Own App development IDE For Android. If you are App developer then you know that Using Android Studio Emulator, You can create Android Apps & games for Android, But it’s not easy because It’s working On Coding System. If you know about coding then this one is for you. It’s very difficult to set up, but once you do, things will be much easier. In last, If you know about Android Studio then use it.

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4 KoPlayer

KoPlayer is one of the best Gaming emulators for those who Android gaming lover. If you are Android gaming lover then I recommend now download KoPlayer from below link. Because they have a few features many of the others don’t. This Emulator is very easy to install and it works like most others on the market. However, you can record apps and gameplay for all those streamers or YouTubers. Then they provide keyboard and controller support. It’s not bug fixes but you can easily Play Android Game. So check out below link to download this emulator.


5 MeMu

If You are looking for Android emulator for PC then Go with MeMu. MeMu is coming with Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop Android OS Support. I Think It’s for starters. They also support both Intel and AMD processors, which many others do not. Providing more options than you already have. In addition, you can run two instances at once for more productivity. It works with games too, although that’s not its best attribute. MEmu is free to try, so give it a chance. So check out below link for Download MeMu.

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Droid4X is one of those classic Android emulators, which almost everyone has heard of before. It essentially works with any and all Android apps, which is good. It works great with very simple, straightforward, and some light casual games. They mention productivity and other applications, but we are not sure how well they are going to do. DROID4x works with PC and Mac and is still available for download. So check out below link to Download DROID4x.

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7 GenyMotion

Now Next one is GenyMotion, An emulator for developers rather than gamers. The biggest benefit of this program is the ability to test your devices and games different tools. Basically, without the owner of a Nexus 5X or a Google Pixel, you can test the app for those devices.You’ll have the option to change between different devices or Android versions faster, test your app or game, then easily switch to something else. They also provide a powerful virtualization platform for any professional needs. So Download now from below download link.

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8 Nox

If you are Gaming lover of Android Game then Now Download this emulator without any doubt. Nox is one of the best emulator for Playing Android Game. Gaming lover already knows about Nox emulator. From the speed, performance, smooth UI, to all the customization and controller support. You can easily simulate gestures and on-screen navigation controls on a keyboard. Assign your arrow keys to some things like swipe left, right, up or down.They offer controller support, joystick work, and much more NoX offers many add-ons. Download Nox from below download link.

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AMIDuOS is comes with two Android flavors: Jelly Bean or Lollipop. One is $10 after a free trial, while the newer Lollipop costs $15 after your trial. AMIDuOS is a great app for basic app testing, some advanced accessories, productivity usage, office programs and it works great if it comes to gaming. You can use This emulator on Windows 7, 8, or 10, With the help of lots of videos, you can easily starts. There is many option, so you can easily switch between Windows or Android on the fly, even when you’re working mobile. It’s not dual boot, but you can easily switch between two. Using AMIDuOS, You can get full of Android experience  without any limitation. So download this emulator from below link.

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10 YouWave

Personally, I used Youwave Emulator with Blustacks. YouWave is one of the older Android emulators for PC. The free version uses Ice Cream Sandwich. Forking out the $29.99 will get you the Lollipop version. It seems to work pretty well. The installation process was quite easy, there is no special game but it will still play games. This light makes it good for gaming and productivity, this is a little more evolution than most and we recommend for those who are trying this whole process for the first time. This is a single Mac support.

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Final Words

Finally, Now You have Best Android Emulators for PC. Here we provide List of Best Android Emulators for PC 2018. So You can easily choose the best Emulators for Install & Run Android Apps & Games On your PC. I recommend you to bookmark this page when we update it on a regular basis, whenever we find some useful applications for the Android 2018. Thank You..!! 🙂

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